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Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje Bhosle, Raj Kanya of Akkalkot

Ruled: 1965-2018
Present -
Ascended the Gadi in 2018
After the death of Shrimant Maharaj Jaysinhraje in 1965, his elder daughter, Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje, ascended the throne. She was born on 5th of January 1949. The administration was skillfully managed by Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje, under the guidance of her mother, Shrimant Rajmata Mrudularaje. On December 10, 1985, Shrimant Rajmata Mrudularaje passed away. After her death, their two daughters, Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje and Shrimant Rajkumari Sunitaraje, became the only heirs to the legacy.
Born: 5th January, 1949
Adoption and ascension to the Gadi

Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje was head of Akkalkot Education Society. She actively contributed to educational initiatives. She was involved in collaborative efforts of managing Shri Shahaji High School, Shri Rani Nirmalaraje Girls' School, and also provided guidance and cooperation at Shri Taramata Primary Shishu Mandir school.

Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje and her sister Shrimant Sunitaraje efficiently managed the responsibilities of the royal estate with their intelligence, patience, discipline, farsightedness, and maintained good relations with everyone. Despite facing challenges during that era, they confidently tackled crises with determination and resilience, emerging victorious by facing difficulties.

Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje and Shrimant Rajkumari Sunitaraje were devoted followers of Shri Swami Samarth. Whenever they came to Akkalkot, they used to visit Shri Swami Samarth temple with deep devotion. During the occasion of Shri Swami Samarth Punyatithi the death anniversary, they used to perform morning worship and offer midday prayers. They also personally visited the Shri Vatavriksha temple to engage in worship with utmost devotion, offerings, prayers, and Aarti. During the auspicious time, Kumari Sanyuktaraje and Sunitaraje visited Akkalkot, actively participating in the celebrations and served free food to everyone at Swami Samarth ashram. The unwavering faith in Shri Swami Samarth, inherited from Shrimant Maharaj Malojiraje ll and continues to be preserved by the succeeding generations of the Royal family.

Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje never married in her lifetime. She with the consent of her sister Shrimant Rajkumari Sunitaraje adopted Manajirao on, 3rd January 2005 He was the younger son of Adv. Shri Jayajirao Raje Bhosle of the Kurla Raje Bhosle family. After the adoption Manajirao was named as Shrimant Malojiraje lll. While expressing her response about the Adoption, Shrimant Sanyuktaraje expressed herself by saying, “I am very happy and joyful. We have received boundless love and everyone embraced our decision”. Shrimant Rajkumari Sanyuktaraje passed away on 4th of May 2018. After her demise, Malojiraje III was coronated as the Rajasaheb of Akkalkot, succeeding the Royal “Gadi” throne of Akkalkot.