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Shrimant Shahajiraje II (Appa Saheb), Rajasaheb, Akkalkot

Ruled: 1828-1857
Present -
Ascended the Gadi in 2018
Shahajiraje II, son of Maloji I was born on 21st March 1822. He had four wives, his first wife Parwati Bai, daughter of Shinde Torgal, second wife was daughter of Nurshingh Rao Nimbalkar, Third wife was daughter of Raghoji Raje Angre of Alibag and fourth wife, was daughter of Abu Saheb Nigode Bungolikar. He had a boy, and he named him Maloji II.
Born: 21st March, 1822
Adoption and ascension to the Gadi

After the death of Srimant Maharaj Malojiraje I in 1828, his son Shahajiraje II came into power and became the Maharaj of Akkalkot. As Shrimant Shahajiraje was too young, the administration of the Akkalkot State was carried out at Satara. There were difficulties during this period. The Inamdar and Watandar of Akkalkot were displeased with the change in governance by the King of Satara, Shrimant Maharaj Pratap Sinhraje Bhosle.

In 1830 Shri Shankarao Sardeshmukh of Borgaon rebelled against Akkalkot. The young king of Akkalkot was imprisoned. They Took possession of Akkalkot town and fort. The British government and the Satara state army came to Akkalkot to rescue the Royal family. The rebels put up a strong resistance. However, on 10th of July 1830, a battle took place between the United Army and the rebels. Captain Edbod Sparrow was mortally wounded in this battle. Captain Sparrow died the same day.

In a few days there was peace. The cause of the rebellion was investigated. For some time, Captain Johnson was appointed to take charge of Akkalkot. After attaining the age of majority, Shrimant Shahajiraje started to manage affairs. No special events happened during his time. Akkalkot Sansthan came under the British circle. The administration of the institute started under the management of the British. Overall the administration was good. They paid attention to the interests of the people. Encouraged agriculture and trade. In the year 1857 Shri Shahajiraje II died.