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Shrimant Shahajiraje I (Baba Saheb Bhosle), Rajasaheb, Akkalkot

Ruled: 1760-1789
Present -
Ascended the Gadi in 2018
Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle also called as Baba Saheb Bhosle was born in the year 1736. Fatehsinh I adopted Baba Saheb from his brother Babaji Lokhande (Pilivkar Jahagirdar family) in the year 1755.
Born: 1736
Adoption and ascension to the Gadi

Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle had three wives, Maharani Laxmibai the first wife from the Jagtap family, Maharani Tuljabai the second wife from Kokate family and Maharani Godubai the third wife from Hindurao Ghatge’s family. He had two sons and two daughters. His two sons were named as Fatehsinh and Tuljaji. The two girls were named Chandrabai and Ambutai.

Shortly after being coroneted as the King of Akkalkot State in 1760, Shahaji had to deal with many critical situations. Maharaj Fatehsinhraje I was indebted to both the Peshwa and the Naik. He had made arrangements for the repayments of the loan to the Peshwa. However, nothing was done in case of repayment to Naik. Naik captured Akkalkot and went to the Peshwa for permission to recover the loan from Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle’s resources. He had decided to keep the State of Akkalkot in his possession till he got the complete recovery of his loan. Trimbakrao Hari Kurundwadkar and Appaji Ram Gadgil decided to use their prestige to pay back Naik and save Akkalkot. They bribed the Peshwa with thirty thousand gold coins and some Jewellery. At last the Peshwa gave his decision in favour of Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle and Naik had to return to his place dissatisfied, and disappointed.

Even after handling the first situation successfully, Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle could not remain at peace for a long time because of Haider Ali, Nizam, Sardeshmukh of Borgaon. Later, with the help of Peshwas he conquered all of this expedition till 1765. In the year the relations with Appaji Ram Gadgil were strained over the question of Mokasa rights of the village Suler Jawalge. The village was given in Inam to Appaji Ram Gadgil by Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle. It was originally in charge of Balaji Narayan Subhedar. His officers did not hand over the charge to Appaji Ram for two months. At last Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle had to write a severe letter warning the officers against misconduct.

Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle was eager to improve the conditions of the state. However, he could not do anything without the help of his Diwan Appaji Ram. The relations between the two were not so cordial. Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle, made a written agreement between the two. The agreement included various rules like administrative gains by Appaji Ram to be credited in the State treasury, charges of Akkalkot subdivision was given to the Subhedar. Landlords rights and Royalties due from the Sarangjam holders for the last year to be collected and credited into the treasury,etc. this agreement was brought into effect by 1767. Some agreements were also made with Trimbakrao Sardeshmukh and Peshwas. The agreement with Peshwas was just a reminder of Watandar’s Mokasa Rights.

Maharaj Shahajiraje I Bhosle was a worried man in the last five years of his life. Much of his time, energy and even monetary resources were spent in solving disputes with his own Diwan and Sardars and other persons who held hereditary posts. He died in the year 1789. The famous “Shahaganj” garden is still in existence and was constructed by Shahaji. Though he sincerely desired to improve the condition of the State, he could not do much as he had to spend more than twenty years of his life on the battlefield.