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Shrimant Fatehsinhraje III Bhosle (Bapu Saheb), Rajasaheb, Akkalkot

Ruled: 1898 - 1923
Present -
Ascended the Gadi in 2018
Maharaj Shahajiraje III unexpectedly passed away. He had three daughters, didn’t have a son. The responsibility of the estate fell upon Maharani Laxmibairaje. Since there was no son, she decided to adopt a son. In 1898, Maharani Laxmibairaje adopted the eldest son of Shrimant Ganpatraje Bhosale from Kurla Raje Bhosle family. The boy was named as Fatehsinh III. At that time, Fatehsinhraje's age was around 3-4 years. On August 20, 1916, he ascended the throne.
Born: 24th August 1894
Adoption and ascension to the Gadi

On 28th April 1912, Maharaj Fatehsinhraje got married to Shrimant Tarabaisaheb, the eldest daughter of Chief Saheb Shrimant Sir Pirajirao Bapusaheb Maharaj Ghatge, in a royal ceremony held in Kolhapur.

Maharaj Fatehsinhraje lll undertook a tour of Europe along with Maharani Tarabairaje. He conducted inspections and conceived the idea of building a new palace. Subsequently, he initiated the construction of a new palace outside the city under his supervision. At that time, the cost amounted to Rs. 46,372. This palace exemplifies the Doric and Corinthian architectural styles. It features a tower (manor) with a clock, which is visible from afar. The clock's chimes could be heard far and wide. The two-floored palace, named “Fatehsinh Mahal”, is a symbol of prosperity. It was completed in 1925. Behind this palace, a north facing, luxurious bungalow was built, adorned with all the amenities for the royal guests. It also has a porch. The palace is painted in white for an elegant look.

In the first world war, all the leaders of the estate stood united. Shri Fatehsinh Maharaj was the sole leader to guide them. In this war, the Maharaja, as the chief of the cavalry, performed unparalleled feats. Recognizing their exceptional contribution, King George V honoured him with the title 'Honorary Captain' in 1918. This is a moment of pride for India. It was Akkalkot's pleasure as the king of Akkalkot was honoured. We all take pride in having such a great, valiant king. In the museum of England, there is a photo of Maharaj Fatehsinhraje III, highlighting his bravery. Everyone should remember him and serve him as an ideal for the youth. Maharaj Fatehsinhraje lll died on 4th April 1923.

Most of the museums in Maharashtra have developed over time. Among them, Akkalkot's armoury museum stands unique. Shrimant Maharaj Fatehsinhraje lll of the Akkalkot institution initiated the establishment of this armoury. The fame of having the largest one man owned armoury in Asia, is attributed to him. Exploring the weapons from ancient times makes Akkalkot’s museum an attraction for scholars and the general public alike. This armoury museum holds historical military literature. Making it a valuable treasure from the point of view of scholars. A variety of weapons under one roof makes Akkalkot’s armoury museum unique.

Due to the pilgrimage site, devotees who come for visiting the pilgrim of Shri Swami Samarth get additional benefits of visiting Akkalkot’s Armoury museum. It is visited by students as an educational excursion. Additionally, teachers, professors, and enthusiasts come to observe the historical armoury and museum from various states and express their experience.