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Shrimant Fatehsinhraje II (Aba Saheb), Rajasaheb, Akkalkot

Ruled: 1789-1823
Present -
Ascended the Gadi in 2018
Maharaj Fatehsinhraje ll Bhosle was the third heir to come to the throne of Akkalkot. He was born on 20th June 1770 and came to the throne of Akkalkot in 1789. He enjoyed monarchy for 38 years.
Born: 20th June, 1770
Adoption and ascension to the Gadi

He had only one wife, Maharani Ahilyabai from the Gujar family. He had one son and three daughters. The name of his son was Maloji, Fatehsinhraje ll was about nineteen when he ascended the throne. Durgabai, his first daughter was given in marriage to Ramchandrarao Jadhav. Krishnabai, his second daughter, was married to Raje Shirke. He was a well learned man and was good at using weapons too. In those days Kashirao Appaji Diwan (Son of Appaji), was the only experienced person in the Darbar. However, Persons from the Royal family and the Diwan family were not cordial with each other.

After the death of Maharaj Chattrapati Shahuraje Bhosle of Satara in 1749, the Peshwa became the sovereign authority of the Maratha Empire. Maharaj Fatehsinhraje ll Bhosle started his administration in 1791-92. Both Fatehsinhraje II and Kashirao Diwan could not do anything without mutual consultation, because the relations between the two families were not good. Later, they decided to make a fresh agreement to decide each other's scope in setting up the administration. Later after a battle Fatehsinhraje II and Sardeshmukh compromised with the money lender treaty. The treaty had many conditions which were signed between the two.

Shrimant Tulajiraje was the younger brother of Shrimant Fatehsingh II, Tulajiraje was sent to a village called as Rajache Kurle, in Satara district for reinforcement by Shrimant Fatehsinhraje II. He gave this village as a Jahagir to Shrimant Tuljajiraje. His Surname was changed from Bhosle to Raje Bhonsle. This is how the Kurla Raje Bhonsle family is a branch of Akkalkot Royal family.

Maharaj Fatehsinhraje ll Bhosle was very vigilant so he improved the financial position of the Akkalkot to a great extent. When he came to the throne the financial condition of the State was bad as his father had to spend a large expenditure on battles, contributions to the Pune court to construct “nahars” etc. Riots also broke out in the State which took away a great portion of the revenue. He had to suffer loss of revenue to some villages which he had to give to his Diwan and his brother. While finalising the resources of the State he had to give away some of the Mokasa rights. By the end of 1822 Fatehsinhraje ll became old and feeble. He died on 24th March 1823, Sunday.